What is included in tokenization?

During tokenization, creating a token is just the beginning of the process. You need to remember about legal protection, creating legal and economic documentation, preparing space for our investors and the most important part that consumes the most funds – marketing.

How many companies have you tokenized so far?

At the moment we have carried out 4 collections, including 3 ICO and one STO. In addition, we have tokenized many private individuals and local companies.

How much does it cost to create collection?

We don’t have a constant price list for services, due to the fact that we approach each collection individually and it all depends on the scope of services. Feel free to contact us, where after reviewing the idea we can present the approximate cost of implementation.

How do you support the project?

Our company in addition to programming facilities, deals with comprehensive legal services, a full marketing campaign in Poland and in the world, and we cooperate with many investment funds and private investors who invest in blockchain startups.